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Twin City Security in Milwaukee Sets the Standard for Milwaukee Security Companies

Managers searching for a Milwaukee security company often choose Twin City Security in Milwaukee (TCS-Milwaukee). You won't find a higher quality, or a better value, security company on the western shores of Lake Michigan.

What Sets TCS-Milwaukee Apart from other Milwaukee Security Companies?

Our Training Center is Nationally Recognized

Future and current security professionals from around the country come to the Twin City Milwaukee Training Center for training and education. Our comprehensive security officer training program prepares our officers for a wide variety of security duties. Our training center has such a reputation for excellence that other companies send us officers for training! We also offer classes to the public. We are honored to have accreditation by both the Wisconsin Department of Safety & Professional Services and the Law Enforcement Division of the NRA. Some of our courses include:

  • Basic Security Certification

  • 36 Hour DSPS Security Firearms Certification

  • Security Defensive Tactics & Use of Force Certification

  • Introduction to Private Investigations

  • Concealed Carry Certification

  • Shotgun Certification

  • Handgun & Shotgun Marksmanship Courses

  • Home Protection Courses

  • CPR / First Aid / AED

  • Self-defense

Students at the training center appreciate the depth of experience and knowledge of the instructors. Students also come for the unique opportunity to learn using our virtual shooting range with judgmental training software. This type of training system is usually only at police academies and not available to the general public or even to security officers.

The system is instrumental to teaching accurate marksmanship and providing simulations for different scenarios. This gives people who will be armed the chance to practice their reactions to stressful situations. No one wants to dispel a firearm unnecessarily. But, hesitating to use force when the situation calls for it, is also dangerous. All of our armed guards get trained using this system under the guidance of our highly experienced instructors. If you, or your officers, will be armed this training is a must.

TCS-Milwaukee Keeps Risks to a Minimum

Do you know what your biggest security and safety threats are? Do you know what the threats are, but not sure how best to solve them? The experts at TCS-Milwaukee will come to your location and do a thorough assessment of the site. Our security experts help you determine the best solutions. Our assessment will evaluate issues such as:

  • Industry Specific Hazards

  • Number of Visitors and Employees

  • Potential Natural Disasters

  • Building Design and Maintenance Issues

  • Neighborhood

  • The Demographics and Culture of the Community

  • The Management Style

Our solutions may include recommendations for:

  • The essential duties the officers should perform

  • The appropriate level guard (Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3)

  • Whether or not unarmed guards would provide sufficient protection

  • Building upkeep and maintenance

Our Broad Range of Services Allows for Incremental Solutions

Every business has different security needs in different stages of growth. Contract for the services you currently need. When you are ready to expand, we will be right there with you to help you optimize your security solutions. Please look at our Security Services pages for a list of services we provide.

You'll Love Being our Client

For over 40 years, Twin City Security has been exceeding client expectations. TCS-Milwaukee owner and management staff oversee every detail of your security solutions so you can concentrate on your other responsibilities. You will get a customized contract with highly trained security officers tailored to your specific needs. We protect people and valuables all around the Milwaukee and Racine area and across many different industries, including:

Please ask us to provide you with a referral of a satisfied client in your industry.

We Aren't Just a Security Company

If you are looking for a private investigator for personal or professional reasons, we handle investigations discreetly and thoroughly. Get the facts and real story behind a situation so you can make an informed decision about moving forward. We also provide crossing guards and legal process services. Make sure to read our security services page.

Get to Know Why Companies Prefer TCS-Milwaukee

Other security guard companies strive to match our excellence of care and service. Let us show you how we can provide the best security guard services in Milwaukee. Call us on 414-328-0208 to discuss your security needs.